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Come join me in flooding the streaming infrastructure of MDA – I’m sure as people pick up their TODAY paper like me would have visited the government agency’s site by now, so if you haven’t here it is again (opens new window):

Fact is, the duplicated YouTube version has already finish streaming and for me, after watching the YouTube one, and probably finishing this post, the above link will still be loading.

What’s wrong huh? Nick – answer me!

So maybe you’d rather check out the YouTube duplicate:

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Perhaps this will mark a beginning of heavily Singlish accented rap with moderate accuracy on rhythm, slowed down tongue for clearer articulation of the lyrics, heavy use of multiple casts instead of focusing on only one rapper, dressing in office wear, in the tradition of having a super dull and repetitive background beat and chorus. In short, “the idea is there”.

Or maybe not, there’s no need to panic now – the rap industry is not a regime and may the best rapper wins. After all, didn’t they say it was made for a staff conference to cheer things up only? But if history was any lesson for us, it would be that we have to behave like the government / powers that be. If the king takes a bite at the turkey thigh and throw the rest away, all the peasants will follow suit.

All we know (are you done watching yet?) and sort of the general consensus of the blogosphere is that the snarky, I-want-my-tax-money-back, cringe-worthy, I-am-glad-I’m-not-in-MDA, etc. little clip is one that would sit firmly on the tip of the irony that is what drives business-as-usual in Singapore: The need to be transparent about what constitute an huge organization that acts in the interests of the voting and tax paying public versus the money mongering commercial world whose productivity boosts our GDP, and yet wanting to blur the lines between the government and the industry to the extend of saying “we’re just like you”, or in a milder form “we know you”.

Finish cringing yet? Create an “answer” video on YouTube la!

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18 Responses

  1. Crazy MDA scholars. Absolutely hilarious.

    I truly pity these fellas forcing themselves to do something as humiliating and UNCREATIVE as this.

    What an insult to real creativity.

    They need to differentiate between that and desperate attempts.

  2. If they trying to project the image that MDA is really very hip, I think it really sucks. Basically they need to change their pre-dinosaur mindset first before attempting to be creative, otherwise it only gives the impression that they are trying to do imitate a ‘Royston Tan’ style in their video.

    What is worse is when their follow-up actions do not match up with their projected image. It only serves to give a sense of false pretences in what they are trying to do.

  3. Hahahaha!! Uh… is this what MDA means by “world class”, “internationally recognized”, digital media? I thought being from MDA (THE big driver of the digital media industry in Singapore) they would have access to the pool of experts to help them produce better videos o_O…

  4. it is meant to be cool, it is not! all these office aunties and uncles trying to rap? haha, most embarrassing liao!

  5. Yan Dao, actually on the contrary, I wished I had a hit rap video on YouTube 😈

    Yesterday night SCS D&D (theme is “runway”, i.e. fashion show, cat walk), so I got a fairly good comparison in their ability to walk, dance and move. Granted that the MDA team probably paid a lot more to get some proper training, I still think there is something lacking, like being forced… Remember the percussion thing last year SCS D&D? Exactly the same kind of “cringe”. Eee..

  6. i saw the clip on youtube..and i thought it was some spoof created by public. actually tot it was a mockery clip and thus, i was telling my frens that this clip rocks! that i know it’s from mda itself…diff story………

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