The (not-so) Interactive Map About Singapore Traffic Condition

My patience is rewarded when I finally got to zoom down to this level. For those interested, perhaps you want to launch the java applet form OneMotoring now and let it load (very very slowly…) before reading the rest of the post.

Around my work area
Around my work area – Suntec City

As you can see – the information provided is actually quite remarkable. Focus on the little junction next to Ritz Carlton. Think about how many sensors are required to get that kind of detail, even though the stratified speed ranges are still quite large (20km/h)

But the speed of which this applet works is atrocious, at least for me. Loading the map takes forever. It’s certainly not bandwidth – it’s not even satellite images, just vector graphics. Moreover, the other controls are also not as responsive as you wish it is. Loading the roads takes a long time, as soon as you move towards a different zoom level it will also take a long time.

Around my house
Around my house – Ang Mo Kio

Now if there can just be little cars animated on the screen…

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