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Not too bad. After dinner yesterday Su Yuen tested out her awesome new thing she’s beta testing: QIK, where she went with a camera phone to talk to her dorm mates, while the rest of us could watch it on the website itself.

First thing that came to my mind was, weirdly, Bersih! hahaha! Of course this could potentially change the landscape of riots or warfare or in fact anything where videos can wield extremely powerful effect on the world at large. The eyewitness tool. But I don’t think that’s the idea for now, judging from the various “clips” we see online. Cats, pretty girls, and bored people…

Oh ya, if you click on “What’s Live”, you’ll get to see a pretty cool cockpit chart style of all the currently streaming videos – provided you got da bandwidth to do 6 or more streams! Try it at your office.

Coffee time…

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  1. Alamak! Please la, those videos are super impromptu wan… embarrassing la! 😛

    Haha talking about Bersih, surprisingly the 3G/GPRS connection in Malaysia is good enough to do live video streaming smoothly on Qik. One of the guys from Qik actually live-streamed from Malaysia once to demo the tech to me. The first thing that came to my mind was “Wow.. so only Streamyx is lousy. 3G/GPRS is actually GOOD” hahaha.

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