Site Requirements

When visiting this website, we recommend the use of modern browsers. You will also need to get the free Adobe Flash Player (was Macromedia Flash Player) in order to see a number of posts containing video link. Additionally, if there’s a post with scores (Sibelius), you will need the free Sibelius Scorch plugin in order to listen to the score played on your computer’s MIDI as you follow along. The author is not to say “bias” towards these products, but simply because these are the only tested means of getting the content to be presented as it was composed.

Technical Difficulties

Granted that this is just another blog – the author employs a variety of technology to make things happen. Sometimes this is not a good thing as the greed for knowledge victimizes the loyal reader of the blog (i.e. you). When you face problems with this blog, the best way to reach the author is to use the shoutbox. If that doesn’t work either, then perhaps you can just visit and contact the author from the homepage (which is a lot more stable than the blog usually).


RSS is commonly known as Really Simple Syndication. For those who have an aversion for advertisement and other distraction that the author relentlessly put on this site, you can try reading this blog on a feed reader. For more information about feed readers, here’s the search results from Google.

One set back for reading this blog on a feed reader is that most of the witty high tech stuff might not appear correctly, or might nor appear at all, on the feed reader. The most common example will be that of a flash based application such as youtube’s video. You’ll have to click on the link provided in your reader to return to the site to view the content.

Anonymous Posting

In this brave new world, any Ali, Mutu and Ah Beng can put up a blog and say whatever they want, and whole world can potentially read it. The author firmly believe that eventhough that’s the case technically, it isn’t socially. The amount of anonymity on this blog is as much as you, the reader, wants.

One specific case to be aware of is when you’re responding to a post. This is a WordPress blog, and by convention, we require that you provide an e-mail address when replying. When the engine finds a new email address, it will withhold your comment for moderation by the author. Once the author approves of your comment, then the comment (along with the website link if provided) will appear along with the comment below the post. This is only done once typically (unless you’re one of those weirdos who control cookies) so that future comments made using the same e-mail address will not require future moderation. The author however, constantly monitors the Recent Comments to see if there are any inappropriate content being posted.

The e-mail address provided will, naturally, never appear on the blog, nor will the author use it for any purpose at all. However, there’s still a potential loop hole, that is a person can impersonate as you on this blog simply because he guessed your e-mail address correctly, and that the author have previously approved one of your comment. There is currently no resolution to this except for you to contact the author to explain the situation.

Appropriate Content

Speaking of appropriate content, the author has requested that you give full respect to the content on this blog should you choose to read it. There are several issues with this, for example:

  • Should you find the content here illegal: You should immediately explain to the author by sending him an e-mail (see Contact for details) with the relevant laws that he has broken. Should the author find the reason valid, he will immediately take down the post and send a request for removal from all blog aggregation sites employed.
  • Should you find the content here inappropriate, i.e. false or offensive, please comment on the content using the comments section of each post. The author regularly review articles posted (many of them still morphs even though posted years back) to ensure that it reflects the truth and opinion of the author at the time of writing.

Note that all these are “best efforts”. The author takes no responsibility whatsoever for anything you find here, read here, see here, listen here, etc. Most importantly, the author will not make any effort to correct the article from being inappropriate if the complaint came from anywhere but on a public forum (i.e. the comments section). Employers and future employers of the author please take serious notice of this.

However, the author currently exercises full control on what anyone else post on this blog. This means if you’re a spammer, just go get a life. If you’re trying to be a nuisance, please keep in mind the ethics and behavior expected of any netizen. If you posted something that’s offensive to the author, or to the blog’s readers, the author will take down your post without informing you at all.

Further Help

If this help page doesn’t address your concern, please contact the author directly. Please refer to the Contact section of the blog for the various methods to reach the author.

Have a good one!

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