Leaving a legacy of story telling

I have always entertained my brain when it gets into imagining my future, as we all march towards death. Looking back to my first half of life, I’ve always wondered what I really enjoyed and what others would really enjoy if I left the world with more. Inadvertently, it comes back to story telling.

But I don’t want to write a book. It’s so boring – everyone I know who wants to leave something behind all write books. Granted, we are all simply trying to tell the story of our outsized ego of ourselves, a book is, to me, too small. Having spent part of my life on stage, I think the story I want to tell must be in the form of a show on some stage or platform that’s unimaginably big.

When I contrast that to what I do for a living and what I could potentially pull together, this would be the skeleton of the plan:

  1. Find a big sponsor. In the order of $5-10 million I think.
  2. Pull together 1000 classical musicians, 1000 drones, 1000 lights, 1000 dancers, and so on
  3. Find a way to glue all of them together, central EDM into IEMs, central C2 for all movable / flying hardware, and so on
  4. Find a story that’s 1000 years in the making, and may have 1000 years to go, especially amongst those that I can’t stop telling
  5. Find an infrastructure that can host all these (there are reasons to believe that Singapore is a good place with Marina Bay, 5G, and many walls for projection mapping akin NDP)
  6. And tell that story through music, poetry, and dance.

It’s a bit like looking for a chance to do something like Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, but in the sky. Or like these fancy Intel Shooting Stars show with Beethoven symphony, but with a story that cannot be ignored. It shouldn’t be a tech showcase, but a canvas so large, it can be seen from “space”.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep on dreaming (and writing notes, and writing code, and flying drones..) Get it done before 80 years old maybe?

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