Rotting at home (PJ of course)

10 minutes study, 10 minutes watch TV, 10 minutes check e-mail/MSN, repeat until meal time, eat 1 hour, rinse repeat, woohoo!

Last Sunday we went to Anwar’s Raya open house – first time to attend people’s open house, Raya somemore, was asking the stupid question of “what should I be saying to Anwar?” Is it “Selamat Hari Raya or something a lot more complicated? Syndrome of staying away from home for too long I guess. The food was OK (I’m sure the morning VIP session got better treatment) but we were quite happy to see a number of old friends there. Datin hoped that we get ready to bail Sim out if gets in to jail… wah… I’d rather use the money to employ someone to strangle the puppeteer who’s controlling ACA in this investigation.

Suddenly thought of how you have to “reboot” so often when you install something in Windows XP. With all these extra studying (Installation Requires Reboot) and backing up important things in this to-be-returned laptop (Saving Your Personal Settings) and getting out of the island for a total of 12!! days (Windows is Shutting Down), I’ve never felt so free and easy for a good 2 years 🙂 Still sounds like a bargain for a good holiday (which was what all these accumulated leave was initially meant for) and also a good chance to catch up with various people.

So many weddings coming up! ugh.. I mean, congrats! *sob*.. (tears of joy and sorrow)

Traveling alone again by car this time – yes it is tiring, but so is playing PC games that lasts 4 hours (like having to beat 7 empires with 1 player in AOE2K ngek ngek ngek) and fun! Also got my little crack fixed (but still having nightmares where I reverse my car into something…) at RM380 instead of SGD380. Good as new.

Our family dentist tried a new formula on my teeth. First time having to wear dark red protective goggles when washing, while the dentist have to wear a full mask. Then a high pressured pipe with some salty powder / liquid manage to clear 2 years worth of coffee stain. At RM 70 (getting steeper…) I was very impressed as this is better than the peroxide thing he gave me last year which causes ulcer when I use too much.

Preparing for philwinds concert publicity again. Will update when I manage to get the web page ready. For now you can read it @ Sistic (7 Dec @ Esplanade – chio bu HJK playing!)

Found lots of gem (always true) when clearing a machine and moving on to the next. Will upload some of them for permanent archival and sharing. Here’s one to start with: the eG50 form.

Warning: Very Advanced MS Word Document

I think I sort of understand now why when SCS employs someone they want all sorts of funny information about you – the government one turns out to be even worse (and SCS’s business is closely government related). It took me a looooooooooooooooong time to figure out what to fill in (and sometimes it’s not possible – like I have more than 15 addresses in the past 5 years). Or, having to write down all your parents, siblings and children’s IC number – that’s identity theft in the making man! A credit card company also don’t ask so many questions. Overseas assets? How about my teenage time savings account?? Would that be of interest to the government?

Going to work in the government? Maybe you can start pre-filling that form out – no guarantees that it won’t be different in the future!

Back to studying bonds… zzz

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