When Is Your Last Day!?

You just can’t imagine the number of times I was asked this. Why are you people so concerned? Do I owe you anything?!

Anyway, if you’re reading this blog, you’ll be rewarded by this valuable information that my last day is indeed 31 Oct for now. But hey – I have to come back eventually, so, don’t fret – we can always pick things up again in 2 years time.

Today HR gave all of us a pear. So I took this picture – would be my last one in SCS before I go home for a long break to do a number of family thing and study for my upcoming CFA.


Leaning on the pear is the infamous stress ball which I’ve totally destroyed when coming up with the game called “Bing Bong Ball” (play this ball with Ping Pong bat on a Ping Pong table). In front, the infamous pirate coaster which was just recently distributed – haven’t used it yet.

Hope I don’t need more smiley artifacts to keep my sanity.

Let’s meet up if you’re around KL this week! And for those in SCS – good luck! My OOTO message should be able to tell you who to look for in the coming months!

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4 Responses

  1. zOMFG, they just can’t get enuff with the smiley s*** eh?

    Aniwae, congrats on the “moving on” 😈

  2. Erm, getting colder I guess? :mrgreen:

    I like the facts that there are many wide open spaces here, and prettier girls too 🙂

  3. Isn’t that the reason you went there in the first place? The last time I tried to get SCS HR to take in a pretty German intern they say it’s too much hassle 🙄

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