MySecureCyberspace: Cyber Security @ Carnegie Mellon

As you know, security vulnerabilities in computer systems can affect every aspect of our lives, even for the most computer savvy. CMU (Cylab) researchers came up with this My Secure Cyberspace, a collection of cyber security related resources targeted at the laymen, for example, your mother 🙂

CyLab is a multidisciplinary initiative designed to marshal the university’s resources toward the goal of making computing safer for everyone. Partnering INI, they offer a range of master / professional cert in cyber security.

A Free Educational Resource
Created by Carnegie Mellon University
to Empower You to
Secure Your Part of Cyberspace

You can read more about MySecureCyberspace here. Also find out more about how children are learning to be good “cyber citizens” by reading the Cybersecurity Cyber Education article (PDF!)

Are you a parent of the new age children (those who can configure IE to use a HTTP proxy @ the age of 6 to bypass your employer’s firewall so that he/she can play games in office)? Consider glancing through this encyclopedia (you have to learn first), then go through some of this with your child. This will allow the kid to understand some of the terms he will com across in the future – and will be able to make a better decision for him/herself.

Carnegie Cyber Academy @ INI

Or register as a cadet in the Carnegie Cyber Academy, and play games while learning about spam, phishing, etc etc.

It’s fun!

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