Have you registered as a voter? Check online on spr.gov.my


Have you registered as a voter yet? The next elections is impending (Malaysia la..) so if you haven’t registered, better head to your local post offices now.

If you’re not sure, try SPR’s website: http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/daftar.asp. Hmm… Looks like huge identity theft site again, but what to do.

For example, you should be able to see stuff like:

Daerah Mengundi : 106 / 36 / 04 - DAMANSARA JAYA UTARA
DUN             : 106 / 36 - DAMANSARA UTAMA
Parlimen        : 106 - PETALING JAYA UTARA

which will tell you which district, dewan undangan negeri (DUN), and MP you’ll be voting for.

Overseas voting seems non-existent this round (except you’re some special people or army guys posted out etc.) Students / Professionals type people will need to come home.

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    Then I saw the title:


    I registered after June. Goes to show how efficient they are.

  2. Wah 🙂 Maybe it is less of an efficiency issue than a separate “kingdom” issue. Can imagine some young technocrat wanting to show the public how open SPR is by implementing all sorts of VB scripts he learned from school, only to find that the other boss isn’t so nice to him.

    Think about it – if they can write that mini app, they can probably also do a simple query on the other database that polls data. Unfortunately, based on how the error was worded, the poor guy is probably only getting a quarterly DB backup / restore on his public facing server.

  3. Its funny cos when i checked my status online …it was registered in Machang,Kelantan whereas i am in Petaling Jaya.Send email to SPR but no response,Called SPR hotline but the line was invalid….. So where do i stand.

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