Lifting a Dreamer (__-){

As I suspected some time back, the infamous Fail Whale wasn’t intended to be named that way – and what a surprised when I finally stumbled onto Mashable’s story on YiYing Lu today, which confirmed my suspicion.

She calls it, Lifting a Dreamer.

It doesn’t take much to lift a dreamer apparently. If 8 birds is needed to lift 1 whale, 1 tweet is probably enough to lift any on of us out of misery. The challenge to is to find that 1 tweet.

Some of Yiying’s artwork (from the mashable article) pretty cool isn’t it.

For the rest of you with lots of time on your hands, here’s a great collection of art work that has spun out from all corners of the Internet:

While Conan O’Brien fans can check out the Pale Whale.

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