A Royal Guestbook: Would the Sultan read it?


As the drama on the Perak government unfolds, a number of interesting efforts by people have sprung up, one of which I found really interesting, as the Sultan of Perak would have a say in which government to listen to: A Royal Guest Book as a means of conveying the people’s wishes.

From the official website: sultan.perak.gov.my one can find a link to the Guestbook (or Buku Pelawat if you’re on the Malay site) on the top right corner at: books.dreambook.com/duli/duli.html, albeit a free private sector service.

But this didn’t stop people from writing in, on their opinion on what His Majesty should consider when making a decision (on whether to call for fresh elections / other ruling).

But what is really hilarious is the way people speak to the Sultan, or the King, of the state of Perak. In school, we have all been put through lessons on how to use words like patik, hamba, Ampun Tuanku, Ampun tuanku beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun etc. And while some are in command of the language, other “innovative” and western influenced versions from “Dear Majesty” to “Your Highness” appeared to be favorites. It’s important to note that the form of address and language is a large part of the respect shown towards the state monarch and should be observed.

If Guest books are not your thing, phone numbers are on the directory. SMS?

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  1. Hahahaha! I doubt he’d read all the comments and even if he does, they’re probably already censored and run through his aids. Maybe the younger sultans should set up their own personal blog and let people comment there. That way they will read the comments on their own as it is supposed to be their personal space.

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