Smart School Project

Working weekends – counting down to launch – a milestone that will seal Amazon’s ambition to build the ultimate e-commerce platform, powering any business. 🙂

Ok enough company propaganda. I’m looking for some volunteers who can spend some time together to brainstorm about Malaysia’s Smart School Project etc. I’m looking for very dedicated people only though, otherwise if you just have ideas you want to contribute, feel free to respond in this blog, write to me, start a thread in recom etc.

The smart school project is getting quite a bit of attention recently, and I think it’s a good time for us to put our brains to work. No idea what the end result of the working group is, but it would be something that we can definitely submit to the ministry of education for consideration. In particular, if you’re in the Education line of work or Technology line of work, your participation would be immensely valuable.

Send me email or just reply this blog. Forward it to people whom you think might be passionate about this. We can start doing this online, after which if there’s a critical mass of people in some place we’ll based ourselves out of that location.

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