Amazon all-hands meeting

If there’s anything anyone should get out of the Amazon’s all hands meeting today, is that teams should always strive to build decoupled autonomous systems, with hardened API between them. This will allow systems to progress faster and have less deployment dependencies.

Developing against a moving target for the last 6 months have proven to be very tiring. I don’t want to make work the predominant reason that I’m slacking in writing or having some other form of social life 😉 but there has been high correlations of that. And as we get closer to deadlines in the middle of summer, I wonder how much time I will have to enjoy my 4th and last summer in Seattle. Sounds like a book title… “My 4 Summers in Seattle”.

Some updates for those who anticipate my return to Singapore – I will be showing up sometime in September, so don’t be surprise if I start calling you out for dinner – I mean it this time! I think I’ve saturated myself in whatever I’m doing now, so I guess moving on is a good thing. Otherwise I would have moved teams in Amazon anyway to get fresh exposure to other systems. I am looking for housemates too, it’s going to be a long 6 years ahead.

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