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Just had a surreal dinner 🙂 An ex-intern invited me to have dinner with his parents, as the parents want to personally thank me for seeing through his growth during his IA more than a year ago. I don’t think I’ve treated him any differently from how I treat all the other interns, but he is special, and so I agreed and it was really a enjoyable dinner.

Post dinner thought:

I want explore a phrase I use a lot.

Hiring the best.

I often omit a keyword: best fit. Not the absolute best because there’s no such thing. Hiring the best fit means 3 things to me:

1) The staff find the company and the boss the best possible place to grow and produce his or her best work.

2) The boss finds the staff the best possible candidate to bring into the company to get the desired work done, and has the potential to be groomed into larger scope and roles.

3) Everyone in the company find the joining of this staff positive towards their respective “fitness” in the company as it enhance the positive culture of the company they all desire.

It’s basically the classic stable marriage problem. To find such stable marriage is the goal of every hiring manager I know, certainly the case for myself.

So it’s no wonder we spend so much time and effort on recruiting only those few candidates that we saw as fit.

And as the variety of work required in the organization grow, although our candidate pool for best fit increases, the effort spent chasing after each right candidate does not decrease. This is not something that can be automated away by having a HR department.

Maybe I should host an apprentice show 🧐

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