Vision 2020 Nostalgia

My own way of celebrating nostalgia: write band music.

Arranged not for the city band with full instrumentation, but the ones in the villages, the small towns, the ones running around raising funds every concert to buy one more timpani so that it’s no longer a timpano. A gift to the educators who struggles on with the band programme that’s still not in main stream education due to the cost involved.

You can download the scores, MP3, and also the Sibelius 6 file (if you’re into those things) here (dropbox link).

Or listen to midi playback mp3 on dropbox.

* * *

Just got my REP renewed after being evaluated for 4 months, which means I’m free to leave the country for a short while before going through this again next year (sigh). I guess it counts for something to be released on the same day as DSAI though, jotting this down here for memories.

Lots of discussions around me about going home. I nod to them in agreement, but I know I’ve started the journey long ago, and probably won’t complete it in the short time frame. Everyone will have to walk their own journey differently.

It’s day 10 for the new government – time will tell if they can finish what they set off to do in the next 90 days AND govern the country for 5 years AND still meet at least a majority of the goals stipulated in the original 2020 document. I think Tun wants to retire 2020, that’s why sometimes he says 2 years, some times he says 3. 31/8/2020 sounds like a good day to pass over the mantle don’t you think?

Hope we don’t run out of oil in this period.

2020 will also be a significant year to me. I will turn 40. Being the oldest of the millennial crowd, it will be our turn to hold the mantle for our country, economy, and even moral compass. I’m doing my best to prepare for it, watching and learning some of my exceptional peers already playing these 举足轻重 roles in their organisations.

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Hope to revisit this over and over whenever I lose focus.

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