What a Play! Symphony…

Just came back from Play! with much of my high anticipation earlier that I will learn something about how to put together a soundtrack style concert to my disappointment. I wonder if it is the afternoon that has caused the musicians to doze off as suggested by zhiwei, or is it just plain old school music arrangement that didn’t catch my attention. Of course, like most of the audience, I couldn’t identify with half the pieces as I don’t play that much video games – but even for basic stuff like Mario Bro, I’m sure I heard better.

As well, $20 well spent anyway.

Anyway, check these out:
I finally got iTunes thingy fixed up – not very interested, but since I’ve signed up for the account for sometime, and with their consistent email cajoling, here are some stuff for you to explore.

Apple iTunes Apple iTunes

We all love Classical Music right? I have also placed the top 25 selling classical music on one of the older web page I made (Music Archive). So check it out (if you can’t buy their stuff, you still have mine, free)

Ah but you’re a geek and a genius and couldn’t care less, then Wicked is for you. This is created by some local Singapore guy so be ready for some Singapore context questions. Otherwise it is pretty much a excellent detective / puzzles / riddles kind of thing.
A few days ago I stumbled upon this Seminar Bingo and thought: what a great idea. I’m looking for suggestions on how to localize this and distribute them during the myriad conferences and lectures we have. Su Yuen suggested that we should do this over iX – what do you think?

Other suggestions I have for making this bingo thus far:

– WI-FI is dead
– Speaker: “I know I’m the one standing between you and lunch”…
– Speaker: “This feature will be available in the next release”…
– Someone is IM-ing another person in the same lecture
– Speaker: “We need to stop talking technology and start talking business value”…


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  1. I think the seminar bingo sheet is more targeted for academic conference where it is better to have a natural voice text-to-speech engine and voice recognition system instead of humans. 😀

  2. ya ya ya ya – that’s why i’m thinking of making one more happening one 🙂 instead of academic conferences… to really keep people on their toes.

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