Piled Higher and Deeper, Undergrad version

Well, not quite – I can’t draw, but I can write.

This is an essay I started some 3 years back, abandoned for some time, but some how I got the courage to complete it today. Maybe Slackenerny’s handing up of his thesis touched some of my nerve yesterday, I was laughing so hard and tearing so hard, it was like everyone in these comic strips were cheering (sorry, you’ll need some context if you haven’t seen phdcomics before – just go check it out). Here’s an excerpt from the recent strips:

Anyway, this post is about studying in US. In fact, I’ll be doing this discover U.S. education thing in KL. Check it out: http://discoverUSeducation.org – it used to be called Experiences, but the guys who initiated the brand in S’pore somehow cannot work together with the Discover folks (yet another stupid situation where people just don’t talk)
Ok finally, the essay. Please comment – I want to improve it some more.


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