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Just as the way we planned it, the rest of the country will celebrate the day of the forming of the federation tomorrow while we silently marked out 2nd year since we officially toasted before 500 people, pledging our love.


And so the family grew by one (until last month when it grew by one again).


After all that wedding (we had 3) we had a pretty difficult time in our careers but a fairly enjoyable time being that carefree couple. And no we didn’t understand that obviously – you don’t know how it is like to live with no children until you have one. We dated each other every other day.


We wanted children from the outset, even though we have no idea whether it’s going to be 2 or 3, so we kept playing with other people’s babies.


And that of course resulted in one for ourselves, naturally right?



Every textbook, web comic and well meaning friends have warned about the topsy turvy in our marriage. And they were right, but pretty wrong in the details – we soon discovered we have our unique problems that only we can solve together.

yenn @ week 6
Yenn @ 6 weeks

And as she grows, fully nourished on breast milk now, she’s become increasingly clever and throw so much tantrum that we are still finding it hard to ignore or teach her a lesson. There was once that I got very nasty, and I regretted it very badly. I mean she was 12 weeks old then – I don’t expect more from some 30 year olds – what do I expect her to do except plead for mercy of existing in pain?

yenn @ week 11
Yenn @ 11 weeks

Because after all that crying, all we want is for her to be happy.

yenn @ 15 weeks
Yenn @ 15 weeks

Happy wedding anniversary to my dear wife Yee Cheng :*

wedding dinner

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