Philwinds Chamber Night

Summary: TONIGHT – Esplanade Recital Studio, hear 4 chamber groups perform light hearted pieces. A great way to start your holiday season, Black-Pipes
(Clarinet Quartet), Heavy Metal (Tuba Quartet), PhilSax (Saxophone Quintet) and PhilBrass (Brass Quintet/Perc.) will be bringing you a night of chamber music with a dazzling range of music from the classical era to jazz to the latest sensations in town not to be missed.

See full details on FB:

You can buy tickets at the door at $12 each (free seating) while stocks last.


Heya whoever is reading this – sorry for the lack of updates this past many months – so much to write and so little time, probably should change paradigm and publish all my facebook / twitter feeds now.

Much has to do with work work, but also the fact that YC and manage to find time to sign our lives to each other, tuck all our savings in yet another pigeon hole, in addition my own pursuits (which I promise must scale down at least 50% next year) such as the concert mentioned above, personal businesses and interests.

I will catch up on writing once this madness (mostly ending this December) finishes. If you can’t catch me at tonight’s concert, consider the next two on 16 Dec (Philwinds: Sounds of Japan 2) and 31 Dec (TPO: Next Year’s Eve concert – with count down!) respectively.

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