Make your own Word Cloud – Wordle

Nice Java app 🙂 Learning more and more about what I’m leaving on this heap.

Wordle only looks at the RSS feeds, which by itself doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s a good pictorial indication of me:

In the Music Category:

Lots of Philwinds coz too many Philwinds concerts recently! That’s good. And WASBE too.

In the Technology Category:

This was a surprise – I mentioned little jargons. “Time” is a highlight, save time, spend time, time is of essence in technology.

In the Malaysia Category:

What a surprise – it’s always about the BRAIN. Maybe it’s time to be more focused on this topic since it’s a pet peeve.

This is also a good proof point for bosses that I don’t mix up work and personal (much). See this made from my linkedin page’s words:

Different right!

Have fun making yours on

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