Jonathan Lee in Concert – Hong Kong

Lots of people have been asking me about this since I came back from the short Jonathan Lee concert in Hong Kong, basically this is the best explanation of what happened:

Make sense? No, okay short story is that during the first concert on Sunday night Jackie came but didn’t get to sing his 真心英雄 (song in clip) because some of us did not bring the score on stage (was supposed to be a 2nd day encore), so our best guess is that he decided to invite himself back the 2nd day. Some conspiracy theory suggests that it was an intentional move by the rival producer by inviting that 10 Japanese to make him drunk before he come. Who knows. Just felt bad for Mac, our band lead also the pianist who got scolded for no reason. Want to know where he come from? Malaysia 😀 Shame on him to put his son Jaycee on a tight spot, apologizing on his behalf to each and everyone of us after concert.

Long story… hmm, basically got a last minute stint from Roger (thanks!!) and Eddy (thanks!!) to play for one of the series of Jonathan Lee 李宗盛’s concert last weekend. It was oneof those things that doesn’t fly by everyday, especially for someone like me who can’t dedicate full time to music and better my playing which is sort of stagnant since Form 5. Hong Kong also happens to be the 3rd Asian country I’ve ever visited (other tha M’sia and S’pore). Expected better weather, but it was mid summer – hot and extremely humid.

Got to see Mac and Jenny whom I’ve only heard about their names 10 years back. It was kinda funny when we related to Mac our adoption of his Bunyi Guitar he did for Sheila Majid a decade ago to our school band, which later was one of the set piece in the year 2000 national champion show. Also met all the power house musician in M’sia, like Gary, Ah Wah, Aji, Amir, etc. as well as other top notch musicians from elsewhere, Itchy, Chet, 李老师, can’t remember the background vocals’ names, and of course Jullian (haven’t heard such good sax character in a while – you rock!).

Of course the big names, not that I care too much. 大哥 (big brother) as the entire team in the entire concert / the entrie music industry calls him, Jonathan Lee is extremely freindly and humble (and brain a bit dirty, but that’s just all musicians…). Due to first concert, he seems very anxious about his performance. Met Emil(now Wakin! haha), Gigi, Fish, Ai Jia, Pin Yuan, Xian Qi, Xing Zhe, etc. (can’t remember) Jaycee (房祖名), as 大哥’s favourite student, also got to do 2 songs 8) and was very good – clearly the “boy band” for 大哥!

Best part – didn’t see anyone got angry, throw tantrum, scold etc. throughout the whole rehearsal process. A really professional team that one can only wish they can see locally. Sound engineering was awesome – Mike’s the man. How often do you get horns standing in one row, each having a monitor that only reflects your own sound plus accompaniment without the other horns? Worst part – air quality due to burning smoke on stage, plus I wasn’t able (or couldn’t afford) a nice shirt for concert, had to beg and borrow :/

Will edit this post and add some pictures later. Now gotta work for the Botanic Gardens concert for Leelian first… 😐

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