Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land (google video)

(video length is 1 hr 19 min 14 sec)
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On a lighter note, I think we’re done, well at least, it looks done to me with all the content uploaded. So here you go, the archive for Malaysia’s famed thestar journalist Wong Chun Wai. More mambo for me – anyone wants to deploy mambo like this just ring me up 😀 that is, if I have the time to do it.

Some short update for some people who read some of my previous frustration at work. Well things have changed quite a bit since. Unknown to me was the fact there’s a large scale reorg in the company that has been happening for quite sometime, and with it, some newly created positions that the CEO created with some people in mind. I still don’t know whether I’m fortunate or unfortunate to be pulled out of something I’ve just managed to get going (i.e. the procurement business) into this newly created “Technology Innovation Centre“, a badly named and badly purposed R&D arm for enriching the company with the “next big thing”, together with 2 other mentors. TIC will focus on market survey and picking the right partners in technology, create POC (proof of concepts) with schools such as NYP and SMU, incubating ideas into sellable solutions before handing them into the hands of the business units (boy that’s one mouthful)…

Work first! Till another time (more to write on my recent beijing trip!)

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