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This is about Interesthink.

What a long day – although I absolutely did not have energy left for live blogging, I guess I can still probably say a few words while my hair dries.

You might have read some off the cuff remarks about Interesthink 2, what remained since then was the interesting crowd, but I think doing it at night after a hard day’s work for many wasn’t the best idea after all.

I’m still in search for that explosive feeling one gets when some great idea strikes. Sometimes we come to such gatherings sharing the mundane parts of our passion (or worse, our jobs) – which is fine – but lost the chance to give people that explosion in realizing some big idea. In fact the biggest “idea” that I brought home today was mainly Daniel’s start-up weekend in KL that we talked about over supper after the event (54 hours marathon building of an alpha version of your software, in return for equity stake). I guess I was also at fault as my mind kept wandering to other topics during the discussions.

Still, I’m touched by the camaraderie of the moment.. It’s the kind of friendship that needs no introduction or breaking of ice, and one can start and complete a simple sharing in 2 minutes for example. By bringing the human element into play (what an irony, in the morning it was the “human network” for me hehe), social goals are so easily shared and exciting. However, it brings to the very common comment from especially first timers: all talk only.

In the interest of my own sleep, I rather not defend it in whole, but suffice to say that: occasionally (i.e. not always) there are ideas worth spreading. That’s TED my friend. That’s where we forgot – we hear the essence and the form its presented (a speech, a discussion) and assume that it’s just a self expression, and forgot the hundred of hours, thousands of dollars, millions of victims, billions of consequences that goes behind that self expression, misconstrued as “just talk only”. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to create an event that’s truly 100% great stuff (as a start I’d suggest entrance fees of $6000). So don’t let that be an excuse to ignore the idea. In fact, challenge it! Why simply do toilet talk? Force them to wash the toilet to appreciate hygiene! Why discuss about education as “good” versus “bad” students? Stream according to strengths like maths, literature, or dance! Why lament about the inability of doing something that directly affects Darfur? Run a fund raising campaign! Go to Darfur!

Anyway, it was great to see everyone still. Hope to see it improve.

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