Sibelius Scorch Plugin for WordPress

Update 2014: Haven’t updated it for a long while, use at your own risk!

Thought it’s high time I complete at least a phase of this project that I wanted to do since Jan 08. It was a good Sunday well spent, from learning and plagiarizing to actually accomplishing a pretty decent wordpress plugin. It’s no where near 100%, maybe 70% I guess, but it provides what I’ve always wanted – an easy way to post scores to blogs.

Here’s a sample score (if you do not see anything, you need to install Sibelius Scorch plugin):

The motivation for Sibelius Embed is simple. Apart from the complete works that I write and publish, there are times where nuggets of music just needs to be written down. It’s like blogging right, you have journalists who write full length articles on the papers, and then snippets on their blogs. And maybe, a composer / arranger would turn his or her blog into a place to collect ideas, and maybe refer to them in the future why the symphony is put together.

If you’re interested, you can download and play. I’ve started collecting my wordpress plugins here. When I have time (let’s see, that would be July 09 based on my calendar) maybe I’ll do more on the ones I already wrote or write some more.

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  1. I am using jetpack which uses wordpress, 3.5.1 Do you think your plug in wil work?

  2. Hey Steve, I’m on 3.5.1 and it works (haven’t tried jetpack yet), but I must say I’ve done absolutely no update since making it available earlier, and ever since Avis is acting unprofessionally towards this plugin I thought I’d invest time in other platforms instead.

  3. unfortunately, your link to get the plugin doesn’t work

    please send this to this email-adress


  4. Hi there and thanks for your help so far! I’m trying to add scorch to wordpress and have got as far as ”the score did not load successfully. Please try viewing the web page again.”
    As I can’t directly upload a .sib fil, I’ve uploaded a .zip file with the .sib file inside.
    This is the shortcode I’m using with your plugin

    [sibembed score=””>Campfire01.sib” /]


    david (from Thailand!)

  5. The Scorch software (written by Sibelius not me) needs the file to be the unencrypted .sib (or their proprietary .sco) to work. Zipping up the file will not work. This is regardless of this wordpress plugin or directly.

  6. I’ve tried to make the plugin work with WP 4.1 but know I can get a Sibelius Scorch file to display if I embed “[code]” block such as:

    <object id="ScorchPlugin"

    <embed src="/scores/blessed_assurance.sib"

    But the page is VERY small on the screen and I would never want the end user to be able to PRINT or DOWNLOAD.

    Would it be possible to update the plugin? I’m trying to use WP to rebuild a site for a retired physician who writes very difficult contemporary piano music. (

    San Antonio, Texas

  7. Hi,
    I was very happy to find your wordpress-Pugin. But when it’s activated in wp 4.5.2, the wysiwyg-editor leaves blank. Only the text-editor works. Has anyone an idea how to fix it? Thank you very much. Many greetings from germany, Thomas

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