Can I coin the term Gigaband?

Tell me what you think. I basically need a term that could be used to describe networks that are in access of 1 Gbps. Today there’s a general iffy word Broadband, which has been used commonly to describe networks with higher than 512Kbps download and 256kbps upload. Then there is Narrowband, which was “not Broadband”, usually meaning can only carry sound at around 64Kbps. Since then speeds has increased and all the terms I heard of was High-speed Broadband, Ultra High-speed Broadband.

Ultraband was suggested by someone else, but it seems to be already tainted somewhat by the other related technology Ultra Wide Band (UWB). So I thought wouldn’t it be nice if we can go by the following definition:

Narrowband: Anything less than 1Mbps

Broadband: 1Mbps to 1023 Mbps

Gigaband: 1Gbps to 1023 Gbps

Teraband: 1Tbps to 1023 Tbps

Or, maybe to purposely fit current definitions, we could scale down a little, like

Narrowband: Anything less than 256Kbps

Broadband: 256Kbps to 127Mbps

Gigaband: 128Mbps to 63Gbps

Teraband: 64Gbps to 31Tbps

since 32Tbps is pretty scary. That way, the Gigaband market would describe a whole new set of enterprise/consumer technologies for many years to come, where Teraband would continue to be in the realm of international submarine cable. Giga also gets us out of the competition of superlatives, so that way way in the future we don’t need Hyper-Super-Ultra-Wide-Powerful-Omnipotent-Band…

Do you have a better name?

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5 Responses

  1. Yea I think that is a good naming convention to follow. Gigaband will solve the problem of coming up with new names when faster networks are available in the future. 😀

  2. eh hsbb is still the same problem: can’t differentiate from broadband – because the word broad has a broad meaning

  3. Haha maybe HSBB will deliver the speed that Streamyx PROMISES since the internet speed Telekom promises is one generation slower.

    56K Dial-Up -> 3-15KB/sec
    Streamyx -> 56KB
    HSBB -> Streamyx Broadband (1MBps)

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