Petaing Jaya Utara: Tony vs Mei Fun

This is the first time I’m watching Malaysian elections from the lenses in Singapore, and it certainly has it fair share of reality distortion as the mainstream newspapers in Malaysia.

So I’m going home to vote for the first time 🙂 must go 八卦 (busy-body) at least once, who knows the next time I might be in like Artic and SPR don’t accept postal votes. Plus, it has certainly surprised me that a personal hero of mine is actually contesting against the incumbent. Ignoring the rest of the country and just at PJ alone, it does seem that the politicians are of a different breed. I guess one deserve the politician representing you… wonder who got the keris waving guy…

Ok, let’s compare how they are reaching out to Damansara Jaya voters like me who’s NOT in Damansara Jaya right now. A search for D.P. Chew Mei Fun online gave – Oops! Website Down! The was a site (cached in Google), but it’s gone now. The WHOIS still shows that the site is being owned by the right person…

Let’s try DAP side, wah… newly mint website! Came out as a team too! Hmm, someone told me that budget for these things are bigger from BN, maybe Mei Fun isn’t paying CMF Creative Agency enough money, but having an entrepreneur/CTO owning / running your site definitely can’t go wrong.

Is a website important? Well, for my constituency (PJ Utara) itself, I have at least 10 personal friends studying/working right here in Singapore, who are of voting age, and might just go back to vote if the right message gets across. Take that and put in a multiplicative effect and do a cost benefit analysis to compare what’s at stake (the seat! the seat!) creating and running a website (D’oh!) Guess at least the 过来人 who’s the youngest person to list on SGX (29) has got it figured out!

Update: Finally the site is up! Do check them out. I like this quote from the “A letter to all” page:

Although this website is not like the blogs on the internet which allow comments to be freely posted, it is meant for our mutual interaction, and you are welcome to contact me through my email to share your views or request any support or assistance, and we will work these out to the best of our ability.


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  1. Our senior in CHS, Gu Chian Peow is contending for DUN in PJ Utara. So what’s your verdict on that?

    For MF vs Tony, it’s a pity that two good fellas fighting each other, huh? Either one lose, is a big lost to the community altogether……

  2. Well, no blood no gain 🙂 ok lar, don’t mean to spoil people’s political career, but think about it another way: if the country actually have that many good people such that more than half of the contest are like between 周美芬 and 潘俭伟, then the country wouldn’t be so f’ed up right. In the effort to attract more leaders to contribute back to society, this so called “battle” would be something worth while.

    I think 胡渐彪 confirm win lar – you know M’sian voting mentality, if anything at all opposition in Parliament can also, local problem no BN candidate can’t reach deep pockets in times of need. Plus got TV exposure like you 🙂

  3. You know at least 10 people who might go back and vote? Better alert BN. They might charter a bus and pay them each RM50 each to go back and undi. Might even throw in some Khong Guan biscuits 😉

  4. as a matter of fact, yes, and the number have way exceeded 10 if counting the rest of the country. unfortunately, discussing political affiliation is still considered bad form here, hurting friends feelings etc, thus most conversation ends with some question about which constituency one is in, and the mode of transport.

    i don’t mind the khong guan biscuits…

  5. just drop a note to tell it is enjoyable reading your blog. some of your words and sentences make me smile 🙂

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