Malaysian Hokkien

Are you “Malaysian Hokkien”? Here’s a great article by Sim’s brother about the history of hokkien people in Malaysia, in particular the differences between nothern and southern hokkien, their origins and their fate as things currently stand.

Somehow I feel great just knowing somehow that my great grandparents are from 南安 and my hokkien is closer to the 漳州 one than the 泉州 one, although the mix up wtih Cantonese and Mandarin is totally unbearable. Wish I could take some classes on this some day in some 福建会馆…

Seems that kwongwah took it down. Tze Wei’s blog still runs though, and I highly recommend upgrading your mandarin here if you need to. Apparently he has his grandparent’s dialect dictionary…

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  1. haha… thx for ur flattery. actually, i found there are many flaws in the article i wrote several years ago. i was just collecting the data and try to make those literatures into one.

    *alas* i shouldn’t hv posted it to newspaper without verifying the content.
    paiseh. 🙁

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