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This is going to sound weird – I’ve swore off multi-level marketing before, mainly because I didn’t believe that I could sell chlorophyll water or skin products (have you seen my face!?) but my website? I mean my blog? Well that’s something don’t mind spending some extra efforts in selling, especially in a referral network style.

And so since I’ve left BlogRush on the site, the traffic to my blog doubled! I’m serious – it’s that simple. I didn’t realized that until I was fooling around checking traffic performance and updating a whole bunch of online information. Wow 🙂 Well it does mean that a lot strangers are reaching this page, but if it entertains them what’s the diff right?

So, just to expand my, ehm, referral network, let me do some simple introduction. The widget I’m talking about looks like this:

I have one on the right side as well (slightly further down – already kena scolding by the founder for putting it too low haha). It’s a credit based systems where you earn one credit for serving the widget each time. Starters get bonus credits, experts earns credits from their wide referral network (up to 10 levels, 1st and 2nd generation (i.e. your direct referrals and their direct referrals) 1:1, 3rd – 6th generation = 1:4 ratio (i.e. serve 4 times get 1 credit), 7th – 10th generation = 1:8 ratio.

What to use the credits for then? To promote your blog la 🙂 Means the more credit you get, the more your posts appear in other member’s widgets, which will drive traffic to your blog. That’s the only purpose for now (they will earn money by charging “credit surplus”, so people can put money down eventually if they want to get into your widget). Simple idea?

Apparently not. A few things interesting BlogRush did to ensure the “clickstream MLM” works, yet to be proven if it’s the “right thing” yet, but hey, who knows:

  • Manual Review of Blogs – i.e. no spam blogs, all real, and frequently updated content, that you will click through and read.
  • Dropping under-performing members – whoa, means if you join you gotta be serious about it, serve the widget and earn credits.

All in the name of preserving the quality of the network.

Will this be the next big phenomenon on the Blogosphere? I doubt it, but I don’t see any harm in scaling up my traffic, especially when I’m only using 1% of the bandwidth I’ve already paid for with my hosting company! Those on blogger etc. should not even have to worry about this given the (theoretically) infinite bandwidth the big boys have to serve up your blog.

So, if you’re interested, join me by clicking on the bottom of the widget that says Add Your Blog Post – FREE. Thanks!

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  1. God dag! Kan jag ladda ner en bild fran din blogg. Av sak med hanvisning till din webbplats!

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