Last Days, First Days

Can’t type properly with this new temp laptop – hopefully they won’t get a Fujitsu – really need either a ThinkPad or something Toshiba-ish.

Just settled into my new cubicle in Suntec Tower 3 (13th floor – come visit). The coffee is very good 🙂 HR is much younger and what a coincidence that I already know quite a number of people on the floor. Still chugging through the numerous first-day tasks in iDA.

To people in SCS – sorry I didn’t send out one of those “good bye” letters, partly coz I’m coming back mah (but have to wait long long la) partly coz my last day was really just a huge mess trying to get my flexben claim straight (a.k.a. how to find $600 worth of receipts in one day without spending money), but mainly, coz I didn’t feel like it was my “last day”. Perhaps I’m taking this whole “work in Singapore” too seriously, as in like, working in the country “Singapore” is like one job such that “quitting” means going back home or back to US etc.

Nevertheless, if you’re reading this, I do want to let you know that being with you all has been an enjoyable and fruitful experience. Fate has given us a chance to hang out and do something great, and hopefully more to come, and we should all cherish it. If it seems like I’ve “dumped” something on you, please don’t take it to heart – do know that I’ve done my best to ensure the necessary instructions / help / reference is available there (e.g. same folder, sticky notes) for you. All the best!

What I really need now is sleep.

Back to studying fiber!

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