Lift Off! 嫦娥奔月(China Moon Mission)

“XXX 正常!” “YYY 正常!”, as we have live stream on TV of China’s first unmanned mission to the moon (XXX normal, YYY normal, etc. manual status report). After a few moments of anxious lift off, the TV switched to an animated map showing its position above earth and the control room.

Can’t find any live streaming off the web.. Wikipedia is quite flushed with information though.

Chang E

嫦娥 (pronounced Chang E, rhymes with ‘the’) is by no coincidence the moon mission’s name, as it is one of the most famous traditional folk tale about the moon goddess, who through various version of the story with 后羿 (Hou Yi) etc. end up trapped on the moon. We Chinese always tell kids to look at the darker shade on the moon and say, “See that figure, that’s Chang-E lonely on the moon with a rabbit”…

More (English) news here.

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