Settled Into Seattle

Last weekend was extremely interesting. Since it was labor day weekend, I thought I could catch up with some work, but turns out I went running around for the most part. Saturday was a long hike up Lake Serene with Susie and Brenda and Sunday was a long ride from Kerry Park to Seward Park along the coast (Paul E’s idea of “park hopping”). However it ended with my tires going flat and I had to rely on Hau Jia to ferry me around on Monday.

Since I’m like totally settled in now, I guess it is time to start working on some of the projects that was postponed. Maybe ReCom‘s Marketplace can be the first. Going to start by finding the good and bad of sites I like, e.g. craigslist and amazon, and come up with some proper design.

Pictures!! will be uploaded to the web soon. Stay tuned.

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