Our circuit breaker team

Nothing much to say, just want to memorialise this team who went through Circuit Breaker period with us. A huge sacrifice on our financials to keep everyone when business is fully decimated. We did not expect anyone to take a pay cut, unfortunately some pay delays. Everyone also sacrificed in their own way.

Team, you are all heroes. I don’t know how you did it, but you did. And you delivered. You lived up to all our core tenets: no giving up, team results, ownership, all this while cooped up at home, some fighting blackouts, some escaping erupting volcano, some holding down part time jobs, some in psychological distress with family, and some at the verge of throwing in the towel. We even ran hackathons to build fever scanners, food delivery, and safe distancing!

Thank you, we will keep going. Luckily, it’s still day 1. Let’s flip the chapters of our book together when the sun rises tomorrow. But for now, remember this period, remember how you pulled your weight and put team first and self second, remember how you tightened your belt because at the end of the tunnel you believed in this mission of building our future with our own bare hands.

(Ivan’s the latest addition to the team – still haven’t take picture, will paste it in later) (Also missing are our 10+ interns since January – thanks for giving it your best!)

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