Keep on moving with the times

Can we stop? No.
Can we walk? Not really.
We have to run.

Some will run and fall down, then, pick ourselves up, and keep running.

We will take breaks.
Have plenty of rest, but after that pick up yourself and keep running.

When can we walk?
Well sir, I can’t say, maybe never – it’s robotics, aviation, precision engineering, distributed systems, and Mother Earth. And lots of apps.
Or maybe, we’d be walking in 5 years time. If that happens the company won’t look the same.

Look at other businesses around you.
They buy and sell.
It’s good business, because it simplifies the complexities when dealing with the actual customer.
We build and sell.
We build and sell a lot more than we buy and sell.
It is our DNA, our RNA, our protein.
It’s you.

Companies who choose to build will need firepower.
We will need people, who come with as much as mission in their hearts as brains in their head.
We will need resources, some are things things, others are algorithms and processes.
We will need believers, even though not all match goes well, we must remain friends and keep checking in.
We will need a lot of luck.
We will need to let go a bit, for these help to come in.

If some day you’re tired, you look back. You know, the 蓦然回首 kind of looking back.
You will see so much beauty in your journey.
You will see that land once barren is now intertwined with your story.
You will see that no roads were straight, and no paths were flat.

Some flights were flown for a mission worth streaming
Some drones were built for a patient worth saving
Some maps were made for a country worth serving
Some sacrifices were made for a life worth living

Can we stop? No.
Can we walk? Nope.
Can we talk? Yes, most certainly, any time, by your side.

~ for our brave warriors, you know i love you all

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