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If last year’s TEDxPetalingStreet was a harrowing first time experience, this round at TEDxNUS it was slightly better.

Not exactly because it’s in English – turns out that the subject matter is the hard one to tell, regardless of language – but primarily because the story is “getting real”, and I could project further and further into the future.

(The old video in mandarin)

(The new video in english)

1.5 years have past between November 2015 and March 2017. We built a more stable team, have a productive operations team for plantations, launched Garuda Plex for our users, and have a whole slew of agriculture focused innovation lined up for the year.

(My favourite people)

Interesting Job Series – Flying high with robots

To catch up with ever-changing technology and achieve his dream of expanding robotics into more areas, Nicholas Hon, 29, has ventured beyond his comfort zone to brush up on his skills.Read his story:

Posted by Ministry of Education, Singapore on Thursday, March 16, 2017

So while things get busy with existing use cases, as illustrated in these 2 TED talks, it’s time to invest more effort into making the future happen.

Are you interested to change the world together with us?

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