Would she be 2nd-lady then? Or Lady 1.2

Pak Lah is getting married again! Check out the statement from Prime Minister’s Office, and watch the people roar! Bernama has her picture (stupid websites disable right clicks…) – scroll down to see.

This is really interesting – how does a PM court someone when in office? He barely have time for anything else! Or put it the other way, how did Jeanne apply (or what does she have to do to make it clear that she’s “available”) to be married to the PM? This is no hollywood you know, I mean, everything must happen cleanly otherwise the image of the country will be affected again.

Best wishes anyway. Hope they have a happy and loving marriage.

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  1. She is the supervisor of his residence and also the ex-wife of Endon’s brother. Hence, there are plenty of opportunities for Pak Lah to know she is “available”. Anyway, its good that our Prime Minister will be happier now. We don’t want a depressed and lonely Prime Minister now right? 🙂

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