Dear SingTel, why are there so many voice roaming options

Despite an entire microsite trying to explain the difference between the voice products, I still don’t get. Here’s my way of putting it, hope it helps you as much as it helps me. I’m using USA just for simplicity.

In Singapore, calling overseas (Source)

v019 a.k.a. Good Value
Malaysia: $0.13/min land line, $0.16/min mobile
USA: $0.15/min
Apply: Activate IDD (call 1688, is free)
Use: 019 + country code + area code + phone number

Free v019 a.k.a. Subscription type of Good Value
Minutes deducted from your phone plan, only works for 15 countries (including Malaysia and USA)
OTC: $10 + GST
MRC: $5 + GST
Ignoring OTC, works to to break even for calls to Malaysia at 39 minutes (if you call Malaysia more than 39 minutes per month, do this)
Apply: Call 1688
Use: 019 + country code + area code + phone number

IDD 001 a.k.a. Good Quality
Malaysia: $0.33/min morning (7 to 7), $0.29/min night (7 to 7)
USA: $0.41/min
Apply: Activate IDD (call 1688, is free)
Use: 001 + country code + area code + phone number (except Indonesia border towns use 011)

Budget 013 a.k.a. Cheap (but actually not)
Malaysia: $0.39/min
USA: $0.34/min
Apply: Activate IDD (call 1688, is free)
Use: 013 + country code + area code + phone number

STD 020 a.k.a. Johor people’s special rate – only works for Malaysia.
Night rates range from $0.09/min for JB, to $0.29 for the furthest parts (full price list)
Apply: Activate STD (call 1688, is free)
Use: 020 + area code + phone number

If blur, dial 104 to get operator to dial for you.

Verdict for me: Use IDD 001 to do business, Use 019 to call Malaysia unless you fit the special case for STD.

Suggestion to product: Kill all the voice products and offer 10 cents / min fixed to everywhere in the world. At most have one more premium product (also fix it, e.g. 30 cents / min) for people who demand quality.

Next blog post: Overseas calling Singapore.

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  1. Seems like v019 is free from subscription fee and chargeable per minute. On the other hand, “Free v019” is not free because there is a monthly subscription fee, although the minutes are deducted from phone plan.

    To what extent does Singtel intend to confuse the consumers? Haha..
    (I’m not saying Starhub and M1 are doing much better. They are guilty of confusing the hell out of consumers as well, by making the plans super complex!)

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