How to Make A Trombone (Discovery Channel)

Yay to the Internet – I would have definitely not seen this otherwise 🙂 Here’s Discovery Channel’s 5 minute take on how to make a trombone, specifically some custom made Shires Trombone. I wonder if the rest (Bach, GreenHoe, Edwards, etc.) are made the same way? Or more factory like?
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From the looks of it, the “art” is still in the bell section. The rest seems to be a standard formula that depend on the material used. Unless the guy screws up during soldering or putting the wrong balls in the tube etc.

One thing I don’t understand is why the freezing of the tubes actually _help_ the bending of the various tubes. I thought it would become hard and crispy (what’s the word??) and would break! Alas, I only know about the blow job 😉

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  1. Filling the tubes with ice keeps the tubes from becoming crushed during bending, thus, maintaining the same diameter. Some makers would fill the tubes with wax before bending.

    Iorwerth apMaredudd

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