4 months to W-Day

May 16, June 16, July 16, August 16, September 16!

If there’s one thing that I’ve totally neglected ever since 2012 started, it’s this blog. If it isn’t due to some prodding from the wife, mixed feelings about connecting with distant friends, and an extra yet unnecessary dose of coffee in the evening, I won’t be actually writing this. While I’m at it, here’re some updates about Mr. JJ and his married life.

Well, it’s exactly 4 months to Wedding Day.

Next big item is still the photo shoot which is happening on June 4, followed by a series of “marketing” activities to get the rest of the missing RSVPs. Logistics is going pretty well. We’re on track to get the cards, gifts, flowers, wine, etc. in within a month’s time. And they are all surprises to you so don’t bother asking ya.

That said, we still haven’t fix anything up for Singapore. The concept is there, but to get the ideal date / time / venue is not going to be easy. I mean, we still hope people will come by the KL one, which will be the proper banquet for formality and tradition sake, but we’d like to share our joy with a lot more people.

That said, I’ve already got strong interest from some groups who have committed to the travel, booking $0 tickets during last month’s promotion, and already planning out the itinerary and taking leave. Car pool is the other option, and cars are getting filled.

The only unfortunate part is that both of us seem to be trapped in an ever escalating amount of work. YC is going to The Philippines next week while I have to juggle between 3 jobs, 30 projects, and 300 people who set expectations on me – it’s pretty crazy don’t you think? The hardest part is the “context switching”, going from project A to project B in a matter of seconds, spend a couple of minutes on it and having to move on. Both of us are coming home like really late these days – not good for wedding preparations.

And the sheer number of people we need to contact confirm invite to come for the event is horrendous. I’m still thinking of whether to apply some automation (which means even more time spent coding) or just do it the old fashioned way – visiting people and handing them the cards sincerely. Not being in KL/PJ makes it extremely hard to do that.

Needless to say, all these higher priority stuff has also taken a toll on all my other regular stuff. Exercise is down, website is in shambles, no blog means no ad income, arrangements are also slowing down, haven’t really met friends for meals besides last week highlight that is Kelvin’s wedding. I couldn’t even take time off for a free company paid for Avengers screening, worked for 12 hours straight on a day that the boss gave all of us off, wonder what happened to my plants and when I last water it, sleeping on a torn bed sheet with no time to mend, and grateful for having understanding parents and wife for some crazy work-life “integration” that can’t be moral.

And I miss a slow porridge breakfast in Hougang, the long bike ride around Punggol, the escape to Gelang Patah and Tanjung Kupang, the piano and knotty fingers, the badminton racquets and the talk cock dinners, the hiking and trails, the wandering to roads not frequently travelled, the sip of coffee at the barrage, the long gazes at fishes in aquarium clusters, the peace in temples and temple themed gardens, the meticulous wiping of dust off all pieces of furniture, the reading of books – oh what a sin not not having read a book for months – and the deliberate scrubbing of my car with the squeaky sponge immersed with car washing liquid. My car was silver, but it’s now very grey.

Yes you know what they say: marriage is a journey not a destination. I agree, and I think they are referring to the notion of married life (till death to us part!) and not the sprint-like run up to an event to celebrate our union. Just gotta keep the head low and make it happen, at minimum expense to health and wealth..

And I think I will look back and just shrug – it’s the adult life I chose to live, and so far it has turned out pretty much how I envisioned it, not matter how unwittingly it came about. If I wanted something else, I would have made that happen as well.

It might have been to leave now, go back to M’sia and start again.

It might have been to switch ambitions, or go back to school, or simply starting my own (which after seeing my LUP super tax which rob us of 1 entire year of savings has again been put on the back burner) etc.

But the only short-sighted vision right now is the co-creation of that memorable life event — with only 4 months left to make it happen.



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