The Great Preparation Begins

As September approaches, the two of us has started getting organized, turning sporadic efforts to put in place the big day into some resemblance of operations.

Wearing the hat of a wedding planner now, things are starting to look more tedious than complicated. At first I mistook this tediousness as complexity, and started looking for software to scratch that itch. After agonizing between a few tools, and trying every free trials of Online Wedding Planning tools known to search engines, we found none that are simple and relevant to the wedding customs here. I’ve written off the further complexity to create my own tailor made software into really spending the time to do the necessary work: the one-by-one connecting with friends old and new, to nail down as many unknowns as possible, something that’s going to take a great deal of time. The fall back tool now is Google Docs.

And the heat is on for what is everyone’s ultimate start-up endeavor: the family. This is going to be our first big project together and I’m glad I got to kick-start it with someone who’s dedicated and motivational. Given the vast amount of distractions in my life, including blaring priorities at work and other part time commitments, being motivated to push on for the wedding by your wife is precisely what I needed. To me, this has go beyond simply a rite of passage. The journey to putting something together that we both will cherish for the rest of our lives is much more important.

Next big milestone now is to get some wedding pictures done. Will write again when we have a bunch of nice photos to boot 🙂

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