Google Ad Prefs

Heard of Google Advertisement Preference? Marketing speak: “Make the ads you see on the web more interesting”. Lolcat speak: “TELL ME EGSAKTLY WUT URE LOOKIN 4 NAO!”

Although I’m tempted to edit my preference, on second thought, it might be better as a feedback for me instead of me for them.

Here’s a glimpse (I heard privacy? privacy my foot) of my preference today.

I'm interested in what?

Good news is it’s quite seasonal – on the top of my list is Office Furniture. Yeah, like WTH? Yes it has been a heart wrenching few days in search for the perfect furniture for the new hippest corner of BSC in Comcentre, but it’s certainly not interesting to me as a person.

Then there’s Law and Government earlier when I literally visited every page online that has the Electronic Transaction Act. But some others just baffles me: Forex? Time and Calendars? I mean, I use their Calendar app but I didn’t expect that to me my “interest”…

Check yours based on your cookie: and fix it if you really want them to.

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