Omens of Love

I miss CHS Band… Thank Chen Luun for the link.

Masato Honda is the composer for this piece of music, which most people in the band scene know by the version from Tokyo Kosei. In case you’re wondering (like I did), the unknown solo instrument is probably an Electric Saxophone. Sounds great in the duet with an electric guitar doesn’t it.

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  1. Hi Jin Joo.

    Hello, is me Swee Huat from Catholic Band also, How`s life been?? Long time no see, where is your location now??

  2. This instrument is a Electronic Wind instrument from Akai. Also Known as EWI, Can’t See the model.

  3. Yup I found that out recently, and got my itchy hands on it as well 🙂 very hard to play especially the sliding octave key on the left thumb.

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