Tie me Kangaroo down, Sport – are the abos loose yet?

Got this from fwak. Listen to the music (cilck here) – I can’t stop repeating it 🙂 But there’s a catch – this song have inded touched the nerved of some Australians ealier as some of its lyrics are racists.
According to a piece of news from news.com.au, Rolf did eventually says sorry for the “abo” lyrics. They are missing today at his website rolfharris.com, which is:

Let me Abos go loose, Lou,
Let me Abos go loose.
They’re of no further use, Lou,
So let me Abos go loose.
Altogether now!

I was personally touched by the sincerity of the singer, although I’m certainly not impressed by the way we continue to degrade other races. We have manage to associate seemingly harmful syllabus through history or colloquial usage to boost our own ego even though we don’t necessarily enslave them at all. Terms that typically come to mind are “Kelings”, the lowest cast in the Indian cast system; “Chinks”, as used by westerners to make fun of Chinese eyes, and one that every American should know – “Nigger”, a deragatory reference to the blacks i.e. African descent Americans.
Ethnic slurs (well well, there’s even a wikipedia page dedicated to it!!) will continue to be damaging as we continue to collectively treat them as ethic slurs. I hope one day all these innocent syllabus can relinquish their burden.


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