Are You a Programmer? Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test

Just took the Are You a Programmer? Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test By Peter Bromberg, basically a variation on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test designed for programmers, with background information on the indicator and links to useful details and stuff.

The results were actually quite surprising. I mean I’ve always seen myself as an INTJ (Mastermind/Scientist), but turns out that my results says ENFP, which is the Musician/Champion person. My results:

E=9 Extraversion
I=2 Introversion
S=7 Sensing
N=13 iNtuition
T=8 Thinking
F=11 Feeling
J=9 Judging
P=10 Perceiving
You are an ENFP

Which means I cannot be a programmer :(!

This is so sad. To think that the F (Feeling) factor has risen so much more against the T (Thinking) factor. E > I is sort of expected. N > S has given me enough trouble already, so that’s understandable too. J ~ P can be said to be my daily balance act, losing confidence in the things I’m doing sometimes.

What type are you?

Anyway, Andreas Weigand is coming to town. You can meet him on 20th December evening at NTUC building. Check out the details on The Digital Movement‘s website. He’ll be talking about From E-Business to ME-Business How The New Web is Changing Marketing and Collaboration, basically all the Web2.0 data mining stuff.

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