Adele – 21 is now available

Is finally available officially! Thanks to everyone who has supported the piece, from Philwinds who’ve performed it years ago, folks at Retsel Mil Publishing who although warn of how difficult it is to secure publishing rights, allowed for this to go through, and everyone who has performed this piece earlier pre-publication.

For now, please contact Kimberly at for price and availability. Wholesale is also available. 1st print is running out fast too.

I’m still trying to setup online purchase to make things easier for all of you. And hopefully it can become a model for future works to be available. Thank you for all your emails to my mailbox and trying to reach me from all corners of earth – it wasn’t the easiest thing we’ve done before, but at least now we roughy know how to make it available (at least in Singapore).

And last but not least, thanks to the original composers and publishers (including Ms Adkins!) who authorised the sale. We are not Hal Leonard, but we do aspire to do better.

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