My first born, Kai Yenn, was born 23 May 2014 6:39pm at Mt Alvernia Hospital, Singapore.

Daddy and Yenn

She weigh 3.55kg at birth. Mummy was doing well, reasonably refreshed right after delivery too. Yay mummy!

Mummy and Yenn

She is feeding and sleeping well after a first day of learning to latch on, and when she smiles, she’s cute dao…

Angel Yenn

Stereotypes starts immediately at birth (female gemini horse 八字) but at least we believe in choosing a good name for her.

is a word we stumbled upon when finding alternatives to 凯. It has a mountain and a self on the right, almost like tracking your way up the hills, something dad likes to bring mum to do, to seek peace and tranquility. With the heart on the left, it means happiness, harmonious, and merry. 恺,乐也。——《说文》。按,豈,愷实同一字。

on the other hand follows mum’s dedication to animals. We wanted to call her Yenn, but many other similar sounding words like 彦 didn’t work out or were too boyish, and we already have an aunt using 燕. It is basically this migratory swan.




Perhaps she might bring us around the world on her wings?

Happy Birthday Baby Girl 🙂

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