Remote Tele-lo-hei: publicity stunt or culture shift?

as we seek to the left
as we find to the right
as we think
as we talk
as we joke all night
off the t.v.
on the t.p.
at a half round desk
shout it out (gong hey fatt choy!)
say it loud (giong hee huat chye!)
and a new year found

Lo Hei

Lo Hei

Source: Business Times (subscription needed) and Straits Times (blog / free)

Seems like it wasn’t really a throw whatever’s on the table against the screen thing yet, but I’m sure you can get real close if the table was extended all the way (leaving no space like it currently is), and both sides crowd the food close to the screen. Make sure the panel is plum sauce proof. If you’re trying to pull this stunt out side of M’sia/S’pore, you can check out my yee sang (yu sheng) recipe I wrote earlier.

Original campfire song if you’re not familiar…

as we walk to the left
as we walk to the right
as we walk
as we walk
as we walk all night
on the heel
on the toe
and a half round turn
on the heel
on the toe
and a new friend found

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