Join the Torch Relay in KL – April 21

Dunno why they go plan it on Monday… can’t go, but I’m sure there will be news coverage of some protest A protest B etc.

The Beijing Olympics website introduced KL in some seriously “old” fashion. Too bad there’s just no last-time-civilization like Athens!

Here’s a map made by our disturbed friend Hafiz, on the route (if they don’t change) and the protest locations! 🙂

Map of relay

Although I must say that I find this statement slightly disturbing (source xinhuanet)

Lin Xiaohua, deputy director of Torch Relay center told Xinhua that they choose KL as a city hosting Beijing Olympic Torch Relay, because Malaysia and China are good neighbors in Asia, and KL is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural city.

Mmmm…. kawan….. Anyway, take lots of pictures (and post them online for me haha)! Aside: Boon Thye took some in the April 13 Ottawa rally (but no torch what!!)

In the spirit of the Olympics, I hope this will at least serve as a boost for the country’s morale through sports, even as just an observer (or whatever your motive to join the relay might be..). Singapore is doing the Youth Olympics in 2010, and besides the investment, it’s simply something where energy can be channeled to create something good. That kind of dream can be very powerful to many citizens of a country that has yet to host the games.

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  1. Am going to follow and run behind the torch, but guess won’t be running whole length lar… stamina tak cukup.. Plus, I can only get off work after lunch. So, late 2ish or 3 only would reach KL.

    Would update you on the torch relay!

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